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7.1.4 Atmos mixing is the hallmark of this facility. True Atmos mixes come from individual sound source tracks or stems. The more individual elements available for the mix, the more intriguing and stimulating the final listening experience can be.

Due to the capabilities of our dedicated Dolby Rendering Master Workstation, clients can reference their mixes in the room, but also receive other references for a clear understanding of the final deliverable translating to a wide range of outlets. These include headphone binaural listening (as a reference for consumer playback on headphones from streaming services like Tidal and Apple Music) and an MP4 reference for how the mix might sound through an Atmos-enabled soundbar (which we also have mounted at the center of the Fairlight console).

Completing an Atmos mix requires a detail-oriented final stage for targeting specific levels. Comfortably hearing the results through headphones and a common consumer soundbar narrows your sound to the sweet spot and generates a lot of peace of mind. Our headphones at the mix position are AKG K872 headphones and are designed for accurate reproduction and reference listening. Clients are presented with the following files upon completion of an Atmos mix:

  • Atmos master file as recorded to the Dolby renderer

  • ADM Wav for final distribution

  • Binaural stereo wav (only for headphone referencing)

  • MP4 for Atmos reference on a soundbar (this can be accomplished using a USB flash drive)

  • Loudness Analysis txt file from the Dolby RMW for confirmation of levels which meet the professional standard.

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